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Dam Lexie

Meet Lexie, a beautiful and loving companion dog with a unique and adorable temperament. With her soft and silky coat, Lexie is a delight to be around and her submissive and affectionate nature makes her the perfect addition to any household.

Characteristics of Lexie's Temperament Lexie is a well-balanced dog with a submissive character that is not too needy. She is aware of when she needs attention and when she does not, making her an easy and enjoyable companion. Lexie's affectionate nature means she loves being around humans and will always be by your side, providing comfort and companionship.

The Soft and Silky Coat of Lexie Lexie's coat is incredibly soft to the touch and is a pleasure to pet. Her silky fur adds to her overall adorable appearance and will make you want to cuddle her all day long. Whether you are looking for a companion to relax with on the couch or to take with you on long walks, Lexie's coat will be a source of comfort and joy.

Lexie Loves to be Carried Lexie is a small dog with a big heart. She loves to be carried and will happily snuggle up in your arms for hours. This makes Lexie the perfect companion for those who are looking for a dog that is easy to carry and transport. Whether you are going for a walk in the park or just need some extra cuddles, Lexie will be there for you.

Lexie is a true rare tricolor liliac frenchie.

Lexie is a true rare tricolor liliac frenchie.


Lilacs are very interesting genetically! They actually require “coco dd” to create a true lilac. That means that you have to have a double copy of blue, and a double copy of chocolate present in the same dog to create the “lilac” color.

At/AT:Tri: The tri gene is found on the A locus. This gene is responsible for the tan points (like a rottweiler) on a french bulldog. The A locus contains 3 different variations. A visually tri dog will genetically test as at/at.

co/co:(cocoa): The genetic letter for chocolate is “co”. Chocolate is a recessive gene meaning it does take 2 copies of chocolate to make a visually chocolate dog. A carrier of chocolate will be referred to as “Coco” . This Cocoa chocolate is a newly discovered locus! Until recently, there was no dna test for it. Chocolate causes a phenomena known as “red eye glow” . If you shine a light into the eyes of a chocolate dog, they will reflect the light in a bright red reflection! They look like little demons!

d/d:Blue: A true blue dog will genetically test showing “dd”. d is referred to as a dilute color. It is also recessive, meaning you must have 2 copies of “d” to create a visually blue dog. A dog that carries blue will genetically test as Dd, meaning it is a carrier. A carrier of blue can create a blue offspring if it is paired with another dog that is either dd or Dd.

n/EM and E/e:Mask is genetically referred to genetically as “Em”. You only need one copy of this gene to have a dog with a visual mask. Now, that being said, certain things will cover a mask, such as brindle, or pied, in that case you would have to test the dog to see if it carries a copy of Em. The interesting thing about mask is that the cream gene will delete copies of mask. Confusing right? So what happens is this, when you have a dog that carries 1 copy of cream, it will automatically delete one copy of mask if it is present. A dog that is visually cream (two copies of cream “ee”) there will absolutely be NO mask. A dog can also be “maskless” or carry no copies of mask regardless of the fact if they carry cream or not. The genetic code for maskless would be n/n on the EM locus. Since the cream always deletes a copy of mask if present, you may also see it put as “Em/e”.

DNA Results for Dam Lexie French Bulldog
Dam Lexie Lilac and Tan French Bulldog
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